Lotus Notes Rnext.x

Tuesday 14th June, 2005
Image:Lotus Notes Rnext.x

The last time I saw an Rnext release...it was R5. Very exciting was Notes 5 and did for Notes what Windows 95 did for Windows - made it more modern, 32-bit and better.

Now we're waiting for the next Notes release, R7 which is in public beta. Like R6 was a tidied up R5 with some nice new features...R7 again polishes it up a bit more adding auto-save etc. But we all know R7.0 won't do much and, whilst the public beta is nice and a worthwhile upgrade for many...in the background they've been developing the next 7.x release. In a word it looks fantastic. The icons are polished up and seems to support more colours and a higher resolution, it all looks so new millenium instead of early 90s.

The UI as you can see in this screenshot has been fully polished and looks superb. Along the right hand side we see a number of "portals" which offer familiar things like contacts and new features like activities and RSS feeds...yummy.

Another screenshot shows us just how pretty a Notes application can look under 7.x with add-in components.

Obviously it's going to look much tidier in this look. There's no smarticons visible , the ugly bookmarks are gone and the status bar has been totally tidied up...try this with Notes 7...it looks great but you can't use it as well. But I guess, seeing as this will be running under a Workplace front end much of this may not be needed, we'll see as this release get closer but for now, a big thumbs up.

Thanks to Ed Brill for the screenshot content.

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