Panasonic TX-32PK20 Widescreen CRT Television

Friday 22nd August, 2008
It's big and it's old and my tape measure tells me it's nearly 2 feet deep, but I did love my old TV. 32inches, 100Hz, widescreen etc but there comes a point where you have to replace these things.


There's a lot of information in the press about  how devices, like old televisions, use a lot of power on standby. They claim modern TVs are much better in this regard, but are these claims true? Or is it a big eco-hoax to get you to buy a new TV?

Well lets look at the results for my old CRT then.

Plugged up, turned on and warmed up a little we get a pretty constant power consumption of 110 Watts. For future comparison, with little statistical meaning whatsoever, we'll also record this as 3.44 Watts per inch of display. We'll compare this to other screens around the house.

But how well does it perform on standby? I bought this TV back in summer '99 making it 9 years old. Not old old but far from young. Green crusaders claims that TVs can use around 20% of there power on standby. A quick press on the remote red button, ker click, and the relay switches off leaving just the red standby light. Last chance to get your guess in...

On standby, the 32" Panasonic TV gives us a power consumption figure of... ONE WATT! It's not exactly the big 20% figure we might have expected though is it? Of course, most people have a TV and if just 2000 homes leave there appliance on standby it's equivalent to boiling a kettle. I'm still pushing the merits of turning it off at the wall but I'll admit that I'm surprised the standby power consumption was so low.

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