Reduce your fuel bills now. Apply for a FREE eaga ShowerSmart

Friday 21st November, 2008
It's not often we feature products on here that we haven't tested hands on, but sometimes it's worth marking an exception.


A nice gentleman from eaga wrote to me to let me know about their ShowerSmart product which, it's claimed, may save a 2-person household "more than 12,000 litres per year, cut carbon emissions by 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime and save about £20 on gas and £20 on water bills (where metered) per year" - * according to figures from the Building Research Establishment.

Will it work? I don't know right now but it's not going to cost anything to find out. There's one free per household for a limited time on their website. Click here to apply.

Delivery may take up to 42 days and the offer closes on 30th November, hence the need to publish this information before we've actually got the product in our hands. Once we've got it, and more technical information, we'll publish it here on Jaffa's Green Blog.

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