Tuesday 31st August, 2004
My new desktop PC has full overclocking ability. The 3.2GHz P4 Prescott chip is currently running at 800MHz FSB and the DDR RAM at 400MHz.

I know the RAM is certified to 500MHz...should I up the bus speed a bit? Or is it just not worth it? I'm told my ATI Radeon card will be stable up to 500MHz along with the RAM so it's only the CPU I need to worry about.

Any suggestions appreciated...

  1. 1) rogerdugans Said: (09/05/2005 02:15:33 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Define "Full Overclocking" ability. ;)

    Overclocking has become much more common nowadays than it was "back in the day" but to do it well requires knowledge, patience and care.

    Doing it wrong can break things- permanently.

    Doing it RIGHT can result in a faster system that is stable as a rock and runs for years, but you must still be aware of the risk, my friend.

    Obvivously, I do overclock, and I have run overclocked computers for years with no problems.

    I have also broken quite a few. ;)

    I would suggest reading up on the subject quite a bit before you embark on much in the way of overclocking or else you may be sorry: either an unstable system or destroyed components.

    Overclockers.com is one of the best places to educate one's self on the subject and there are many others as well.

    Good luck.

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