Is it the weekend yet?

Thursday 26th August, 2004
Is it only Thursday? Damn I hate these early shifts, I'm so tired.

Got home to another battle with NTL. I've had a fault on my cable service for over 12months (June 2003) which required some new cabling in the street. A years worth of days of work and missed appointments and it's still faulty. They're coming tomorrow, I'll believe it when I see it. I did get a personal call from the area manager though, if it works I'd be happy to pass on his number to any other affected customers :O)

NTL have bucked up their ideas since using the service. I'm impressed with it so far and it's worth every penny.

I've been laughing at Microsoft's attempt at putting down Lotus again. One day those guys need to take a truth pill.

Finally I got a post  on the "Have your say" section of the BBC News site. I personally only fly BA because it's my employers preferred supplier.

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