5 Years!

Tuesday 5th September, 2006
It's now exactly five years since my last marriage broke up, how time flies and what a roller-coaster ride it's been with continual emotional ups and downs; compounded by the death of my mother only a year after the split.

The divorce and settlement were done and dusted quite some ago, thankfully we had no children to consider, but it certainly doesn't all just end when you sign on a line.

Five years on I can truly say I'm happy again, but it's been a long time coming. Moving house and making a fresh start has buried a few ghosts and my time with Jo is better than I could ever have imagined, true harmony. It's been a funny time until now and some days I've not even liked myself and my actions...so no idea what others may have thought.

So for anyone who's gone through a divorce, no matter how amicable, don't ever give up. It will be stressful, it will get you down and there will be some truly shitty moments...but it can all come good in the end, just don't rush it and move on when you're ready.

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