6.5.3 Bug!!!

Tuesday 2nd November, 2004
Just found what appears to be a major bug in Domino 6.5.3

We have a directory catalog here that is a compilation of numerous address books from our global organisation around 60,000users.

Since upgrading one of our users servers to 6.5.3 at the weekend, they can no longer send mail to addresses in the directory catalog. We get an error like the one pictured below. On 6.5.2 server all works fine, on 6.5.3 servers the error occurs. The config on all servers is the same but to prove the point I downgraded one of them from 6.5.3 ->6.5.2 the error immediately went away. It may be our specific implementation of the directory catalog but, if you depend on it don't use 6.5.3 without thorough testing.

This is reported to Lotus and I'm awaiting feedback,

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