6.5.4 - The Invisible Domino Server

Thursday 14th April, 2005
I now have my Windows based Domino servers running under the Domino controller and since the fix in 6.5.4, the notes.ini parameter to hide the status window is now recognised.

So any user logging into the Windows console no longer sees any DOS box. Without checking the status of the Windows service it's impossible to tell it's running at all. I like it...a lot.

  1. 1) Philip Storry Said: (14/04/2005 16:40:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    6.5.4 - The Invisible Domino Server


    The Domino Server Controller is brilliant, and I love it. It's better than the normal Server Console. if only because of the control it gives me remotely.

    But I wouldn't get rid of it. Being able to see who logged in and when can be a bit inavluable when breaking in a new administrator, if you know what I mean... ;-)

    My advice, if you don't like seeing the window on your server, is simple - log off. With no shell running, you even get to save memory. :-)

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (14/04/2005 16:45:54 GMT) Gravatar Image
    6.5.4 - The Invisible Domino Server

    Nah, I just don't want some network operator or backup operator typing "exit" in the wrong dos box.

    OK, they can't with the controller but I just don't need it to be there. I'm the only domino admin anyway, who needs more than one? ;)

  3. 3) A.J. Said: (16/06/2005 13:13:52 GMT) Gravatar Image
    6.5.4 - The Invisible Domino Server

    Hey Guys, I work for Lotus. Another way to hide your Domino console, and this will only work if you have it set as a service in Windows. Go into to the properties for the service, under the Logon tab, and uncheck the box that say "Allow service to interact with Desktop"

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