6.5.4 Domino Admin Client

Thursday 14th April, 2005
Finally...finally...finally...they fixed it.

I just opened the files tab on a 6.5.4 Domino server using the 6.5.4 Domino Administrator client. It opened, not tomorrow, not after lunch, not in an hour...but now. Like right away. You know that pause where it churns through a million FTI folders....gone.

Without a doubt the most important change in 6.5.4. I love it! Thank you Lotus...only been waiting since R5.0!

Incidentally, the 6.5.4 server AND client are required. Older server won't see the benefit.

  1. 1) Richard Schwartz Said: (14/04/2005 16:58:13 GMT) Gravatar Image
    6.5.4 Domino Admin Client

    Odd. I was using 6.54 admin just yesterday, and it still took forever. It wasn't .FT files though. Lots of stuff in the html directory.


  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (14/04/2005 17:00:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    6.5.4 Domino Admin Client

    Bill Buchan confirmed it was quick even on his creaky old Solaris box.

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