7.0.2 - SmartUpdate

Wednesday 11th October, 2006
IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7.0.2 gives us a much needed improvement to the Notes client SmartUpdate feature.

I last visited Notes Smartupdate with version 6 but it didn't really meet my needs. Not only could one not differentiate between 'Client' and 'All Client' installs, but installing on Windows machines with limited user access rights was pretty much impossible. Since then we've been struggling to package Notes clients up as required using a 3rd party software deployment tool. No more...

With 7.0.2 we can now not only deploy the right client type to the right user's machines but also allow them to install it with admin rights. Using the new SUSetRunAsWizard.exe program (found in the Notes program folder of an admin client machine) you can now package up the client setup so it will run under any chosen windows account.

The username and password are all stored encrypted within the custom setup executable that's built in but, if you desire more security, you can always create a time limited Windows account which will only be available during client deployment.

Excellent work from IBM and so far so good in testing. Thanks for listening to feedback from customers!

If you're looking at creating a scripted install, Andy Donaldson has a quick guide right here.

  1. 1) Andy Donaldson Said: (11/10/2006 15:33:54 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate

    Are you using InstallShieldTuner for Lotus Notes when using the wizard? I have a build that I created that works when I use a .bat file to install the Notes client with the options I want, but none of the command line parameters that I put into the wizard are working. In the wizard, I am selecting the 702.msi as the executable, and in the command line parameters I am trying to get the transform file to take. So far no luck. Hoping you may have come across this. Thanks!

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (11/10/2006 15:40:40 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate


    I dabbled a lot with the Installshield Tuner in 6.5.x deployment.

    Generally (in my opinion) running any .msi file directly is very bad practice...it's just a lazy shortcut and running setup.exe is the only way installations should be run.

    In the 6.x deployments I found that running the .msi directly ignore both command line switches and our customer transform file.

    Test your install running the setup.exe instead and verify it works. Then point the wizard at setup.exe

    I haven't actually 'tuned' and R7 client deployments yet, but I doubt the installshield stuff has changed greatly since 6.x

  3. 3) Andy Donaldson Said: (11/10/2006 16:20:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate

    There are some tweaks in the R7 tuner that are different from the R6 one. Thanks for the input!

  4. 4) Ben Rose Said: (11/10/2006 17:59:21 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate


    Maybe you'd like to put together a quick guide on scripted client installs for Notes 7? I'd be happy to publish it here.

  5. 5) Andy Donaldson Said: (11/10/2006 18:08:11 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate

    I already have on my blog. Feel free to link to it. { Link }

    The .PDF file with instructions is valid for 7.0.1, but it works with 7.0.2. Thanks!

  6. 6) Ben Rose Said: (11/10/2006 18:55:18 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate

    Thanks Andy, added a link above.

  7. 7) Andy Donaldson Said: (28/10/2006 19:41:53 GMT) Gravatar Image
    7.0.2 - SmartUpdate


    I found out more information using InstallShield Tuner and SuSetRunAsWizard.exe. Have a new entry with a new .PDF available over at my blog.

    { Link }

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