IBM Branding Inconsistencies

Monday 10th July, 2006
We all know IBM Lotus likes to change names a lot...Sametime became some godawful instant messaging name and then became Sametime again.

Quickplace became Team Workplace and then they decided they had a better use for the name Workplace so named it back to Quickplace again.

The biggest one for me, of course, was when Lotus became IBM. This was Big Blue's move towards brand unification and bringing everything under the IBM banner, but many inconsistencies remain.

They may have sorted out the bit after the @ as locations standardised on etc. but the bit before the @ is a complete mess. A reminder came late last week when I received an email from Bill copying numerous UK & US IBM contacts. On my reply to all, many of the addresses bounced...they were wrong.

Was this Bill's Fault?

Was he expected to know that it was ed underscore brill but darren dot adams? Does Steve Castledine use a dot or an underscore? And where the hell does rock@ fit into all this?

It's all about branding, something that I feel IBM may need a refresher course on.

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