A good grilling...Weber Style

Tuesday 11th July, 2006
In the 10 years since i became a home-owner, I've never owned a barbecue...with good reason...I never owned a garden.

Now I have a decent sized back yard and decking it's time to do the job properly so I've ordered a rather serious Weber Genesis Platinum Gas Grill.

Image:A good grilling...Weber Style

£100 or so cheaper than the price John Lewis wanted for the same model (and wouldn't match) this is coming on free next day delivery from BBQworld.co.uk who also managed to sell me a serious amount of accessories; from tools and skewers, to a rather nifty digital thermometer with wireless probe!

Whilst I've never owned such a unit, I have used one. My ex-wife was Australian and if her dad only taught me one thing, it was to get a good divorce solicitor what a good BBQ was and how much it improved the outdoor life. The Weber model has a high heat output and, in combination with it's lid, pretty much self-cleans after use...everything just burns off to carbon, collecting in the tray underneath. The platinum model adds to the standard Weber features by having a full stainless steel makeover...no rust on this beauty, even the legs are stainless steel...no paint.

So, all being well, I'm having my first big grill tomorrow. I can't wait.

  1. 1) Gregg Eldred Said: (11/07/2006 15:22:12 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style

    For Father's Day 2 years ago, I got this from the family:

    { Link }

    I absolutely love it. I have had a few other gas grills, but this one is far and away the best one. Easy to assemble, the ignition switch always works, and it is extremely easy to operate. Exactly what I expected from Weber.

    Sign up for their free e-mail recipes at weber.com. There are some good ones!


  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (11/07/2006 15:26:45 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style


    Looks like I made the right choice, I was going for the Silver model until the Canadian's on my vacation explained the advantages of stainless.

    Just for a "your order has shipped" email, crazy excited now.

  3. 3) Ben Poole Said: (11/07/2006 16:32:47 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style

    Wow, that's one hell of a BBQ. Makes my little thing look silly...

    (and yes, I have heard that before. Guffaw! Etc.)

  4. 4) Gregg Eldred Said: (11/07/2006 18:07:12 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style

    Wish I had friends like yours, to talk about stainless before I bought. :-) Regardless, did I tell you how happy I am with it?

    BTW - I have also purchased this little item from Weber as well:

    { Link }

    Yes, my backyard is a favorite of the neighbors. If you ever find yourself in Cleveland, OH, be sure to let me know. :-)

  5. 5) Ben Rose Said: (11/07/2006 18:28:34 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style


    That link doesn't work...

  6. 6) Ben Rose Said: (11/07/2006 19:33:20 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style

    Typical, link works now...

  7. 7) Colman Carpenter Said: (17/07/2006 17:02:35 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A good grilling...Weber Style

    Spooky, just got a new BBQ myself a couple of weeks ago after the cheap old charcoal one finally turned to rust. Not as flash as yours, but a major step up all the same.

    First couple of attempts have gone well, weather certainly helps. I can sense a geek BBQ happening sometime soon ;)

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