A Little Bit Of Dev

Tuesday 26th April, 2005
I've been doing a bit of development work this week. In just 3 half days of project time, I've developed no less than 6 workflow application for:
  • Travel Authorisation - Flights/Accomodation
  • Taxi Bookings - Travel for visitors, automatic Purchase Order reference generation
  • Catering Requests - Books food for breakfast/lunch meetings
  • Money Laundering Reports - Internal financial requirement for tracking suspicious financial activity.
  • Absence Reporting - Track staff sickness etc. centrally.
  • Training Requests - Raises and tracks training requests

All of the above are working prototypes to demonstrate a replacement to existing paper processes. We already have a system in place for Holiday requests and the above will hopefully replace all remaining paper workflows in one big hit.

To develop all these systems in the time taken just amazes me. I'm a basic developer with an admin background and these are fully working workflow applications with email notifications at each stage of the process. All that's required to put these into production is some field validations and a bit of cosmetic work.

This week I love Domino Designer :O)

  1. 1) Philip Storry Said: (26/04/2005 16:12:27 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A Little Bit Of Dev

    Don't worry. That love will pass, and turn into loathing pretty quickly. ;-)

  2. 2) Steve Castledine Said: (30/04/2005 12:19:09 GMT) Gravatar Image
    A Little Bit Of Dev

    Stop it Ben - 1) Doing dev work 2) Telling people how easy it is.

    You will put me out of business - repeat after me "Notes Development is difficult, takes along time, you need to be qualified, Rapid Application development is wrong."

    Repeat a million times (then you will not have time to develop so my plan would have worked!).

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