A Special Job

Thursday 11th August, 2011
With 16,000 Police Officers drafted into London on the evening of Tuesday 9th August 2011, a couple of suspected thieves thought it would be a good time to fly under the radar and steal a load of valuable metal - trying to take some lead from railway property in Brookwood. Needless to say, they were rather surprised when officers from Surrey Police arrived to catch them in the act.

Having been spotted by a guard on a passing train, who raised the alarm, officers arrived complete with a dog unit and the police helicopter. Once heard on the roof and then 'spotted' by the helicopter super torch, the hapless thieves soon came clambering down off the roof and were parcelled up and handed over to British Transport Police to be charged.

Among the team was Alex Protts(@prottsie), a Special Constable based in Woking. She, along with many others in Woking alone, isn't a full-time Police officer but instead dedicates hours of her personal time each month to the Surrey Police Special Constabulary - a group of volunteer Police officers who offer their spare time to this worthy cause.
Whereas many of us were sat at home, watching the live news of events unfolding in City Centres around the country, wondering what we could do to help, Alex and her team of Specials got back from their day job and changed into Police uniforms. Whilst dozens of full-time officers had leave cancelled and were drafted into Central London, the Woking Specials ensured it was business as usual for Surrey Police in that area - helping maintain the usual patrols and response times that this neighbourhood has come to expect. Good for us, not so good for our suspects who probably thought it was a good time to evade the law.
So, maybe you have some spare time in your life and want to dedicate it to a worthy cause? If you're a team player that perhaps gets no satisfaction from your day job and are looking for something a little more rewarding? Even if you're one of those armchair commentators who sits there shouting at the TV claiming you could do a better job. Well ask yourself - Police...Could You?

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