All Is Not What it Seems

Friday 4th November, 2005
I took a quick glance at my mail usage just now...

Image:All Is Not What it Seems

Wow, I thought....that's gone up a bit quickly. But then I glanced at my other machine...

Image:All Is Not What it Seems

Same mailfile, same server, same replica.

This didn't make any sense so I thought I'd glance at the DB properties.

Image:All Is Not What it Seems

This simply doesn't make any sense. I've no idea how the OpenNTF mail template calculates this number...but it's wrong! Anybody else seen this behaviour?

  1. 1) Ben Poole Said: (04/11/2005 08:22:37 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    Try completely coming out of the mailfile in question, compacting it if you want, and then going back in: the number will have changed.

    The size is displayed within various elements in an outline. Outlines aren't dynamic in that they don't refresh "on the fly" -- it's nothing to do with the template, more how Notes works.

  2. 2) Graham Tucker Said: (04/11/2005 08:27:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    One thing that would increase the file size, if the smaller db is not used, is view indexes. I have seen dbs with a large no. of docs (23k) & views (150) increasing from 300Mb for a fresh replica through to about 1Gb for a db with all view indexes built. I suspect that this probably doesn't cover the full increase but it will certainly be significant with nearly 20k of docs in your mail file.

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (04/11/2005 08:37:57 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    @1 - I did go out and back in. Previously the 184MB number was much higher. I exited and went back in and it changed.

    I've yet to see it be correct, even after a complete restart of Notes. Maybe it's a Notes 7 feature?

    @2 - Same database, same replica, same server. Just 2 different client machines. The database properties are identical on each.

  4. 4) Paul Mooney Said: (04/11/2005 14:18:39 GMT) Gravatar Image
    And the OS says?

    What does your OS on both copies think it is?

  5. 5) Ben Rose Said: (04/11/2005 14:21:42 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    @4 Paul - There's only one copy! 2 different clients that are looking at the server replica.

  6. 6) Vince Schuurman Said: (04/11/2005 16:04:54 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    Even if the code was wrong it should show the same on both clients.....

    Maybe the hidewhen is off, check your preferences, for the 'show mail file size' flag, if it's not set to show it won't calculate new values.

  7. 7) Kingy Said: (04/11/2005 17:15:56 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    I think it's maybe a rip in the time space continuum, caused by Bens tardis agent running when we changed the clocks.

    or K9 peeed on the keyboard and mucked everything up

  8. 8) Chris Whisonant Said: (04/11/2005 18:45:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    I implemented this at my company. I looked at what OpenNTF was doing and didn't like it too much. I blogged my procedure last month:

    { Link }

  9. 9) Bruce Elgort Said: (04/11/2005 18:52:10 GMT) Gravatar Image
    What exactly...


    What exactly didn't you like about the template? It's open source..... :-)

    Feel free to help us out.


  10. 10) Chris Whisonant Said: (07/11/2005 19:13:12 GMT) Gravatar Image
    All Is Not What it Seems

    Bruce - I love the actual template! I'm using it. I haven't rolled it out to my users for possible support issues. I know I shouldn't worry, but....

    I actually didn't like the way the file size was to implemented for my environment. It seemed like too much since we don't have to calculate quotas, etc... Looking at it, it may be a better implementation (setting notes.ini variables...), but I didn't want to go through that many modifications for what I needed to accomplish.

    I guess with regards to the support issue, I see minor modifications like this to be less of an issue if IBM were asking us about template changes.

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