Almost Divorced

Tuesday 4th January, 2005
Well, after over 3 years of separation, I'm almost divorced.

I just don't know what to do about my wedding photographs. We had 2 albums, a big official one done by a professional and another small book of "snaps" taken by a family friend. My wife took the small album when she left, leaving me with the big one.

I'm just not sure what to do with the large one now, my wife and I both wanted it originally...but do I really?

On one hand, it was a nice day and the pictures contain some nice memories. I plan to re-marry in the future however which is going to usurp this album somewhat and any future partner is not really going to treasure the memories I have in the cupboard.

On the other hand, my mother has died since the wedding and it's the only wedding pictures I'm going to have her in. For that reason alone, I'm tempted to keep hold of them.

The options as I see them:
  • Split the album and keep the pic with my mom in - Give the remainded to my ex.
  • Get reprints of the appropriate pics, although at a cost - Give the remainder to my ex.
  • Give up all the pics - I have loads of pictures of my mom and any associated with the wedding may not be appropriate.
  • Keep the whole album - My ex can get reprints as she wishes.
  • Scan the appropriate pics - Difficult as they're 10 x 10

I'm thinking of option 2 right now, but will need to see if a reprint is possible.

I'd appreciate any comments you might have from your own experiences.

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