Anti-virus for Domino

Thursday 24th February, 2005
About 12months ago I did a review of AV products for Lotus Domino. Following a posting on Philip Storry's blog I figured I would share the results of my testing.

They're available here

Please note that this testing is 12months old and some products have been updated since, but it does give some good criteria for you to evaluate your products on.

  1. 1) Josef Said: (24/02/2005 09:25:51 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Anti-virus for Domino

    One more criteria to include:

    - available on other platforms?

    - ease of installation on other platforms?

    We are running oour Dominoes on Linux (SuSE for that matter) had terrible problems getting ANY AV for them at all.

    We have been running Trend Micro for some 2 years now. Had some problems underway but the current (version 3.x) looks OK.

  2. 2) Josef Said: (24/02/2005 09:30:49 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Anti-virus for Domino - OOPS!

    That's actually 2!

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (24/02/2005 09:39:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Anti-virus for Domino

    A good point Josef, but we're all Win32 here so it wasn't a requirement for this environment.

  4. 4) Declan Lynch Said: (24/02/2005 10:24:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Anti-virus for Domino

    Erm, what about Sybari Antigen for Domino.

    It is probably one of the best out there and it was originally written for Domino as opposed to the other products that were written for the os and then adapted to the domino system.

  5. 5) Ben Rose Said: (24/02/2005 10:27:55 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Anti-virus for Domino

    Yes, there's lots of products out there. Out shortlist was drawn from the products that we trusted to deploy on all (not just Domino) back end servers.

  6. 6) Philip Storry Said: (24/02/2005 21:49:47 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Anti-virus for Domino

    Thanks for posting this, Ben. Our lead on the evaluation project is supposedly poring over the figures right now.

    <looks at watch>

    Actually, it's more likely he's in the pub right now. But you get the idea... ;-)

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