Anyone for Tennis?

Thursday 30th June, 2005
A quick trip to will show you all the latest scores and information from the final week of the 2005 Championships....but it show you something else.

In the corner you'll see a, possibly familiar, logo.
Image:Anyone for Tennis?

As I'm doing a study of WebSphere Portal and Workplace at the moment this was of particular interest and so dug around a little further. A quick dig around on the IBM UK website turned up this document. An extract:

The Official 2005 Wimbledon Web site is delivered using IBM eServer® xSeries® running Linux, IBM eServer pSeries® running AIX® and IBM eServer i5 520 running Linux. On demand server 'farms' in multiple, geographically dispersed locations deal with requests from Internet users around the world. The combination of Linux and AIX provides the Official Wimbledon Web site managers with the flexibility, reliability and scalability required for

It's an interesting document and a great case study for those looking into the scalability of WebSphere Portal Server and it's associated technologies. It's a particularly good demonstration of IBMs platform flexibility with both AIX and Linux in use in the solution.

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    Anyone for Tennis?


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