Thursday 16th December, 2004
Been wondering whether to post this all day, but as I'm bored decided I might as well.

Last night I was assaulted by a complete stranger in my local pub. Basically the bloke took a complete dislike to me, told me to go home or he'd give me a smack and then a few minutes later followed through on his promise when I wasn't even looking.

This came as quite a shock, I've done well to never have had any such conflict my entire adult life. Those who've met me will probably agree I've got one of those faces (and indeed attitudes) you wanna smack sometimes, but it's just never happened.

This is a pub I've frequented for 8years now and I regard many of the regulars as my friends. This bloke appeared to be a friend of a friend of a friend or something and I'd never seen him before.

He got wound up about something, no idea what I hardly said 2 words to the bloke and then started handing out the threats. He walked away after this and then, whilst my back was more-or-less turned to him, came back to finish the job with a good old wallop. As is usual with disturbances at last orders, half the pub immediately empted after the blow was struck after lots of "did you see that" comments.

I'm still in shock, the fact that he could assault a complete stranger without any good reason is just a disgrace. But on the positive side, I've discovered a new me. I've always regarded myself, and again those that met me would probably agree, as the kind of bloke that would hit the floor pretty quick after a smack. As it turned out, I hardly blinked, took another sip of my beer and then turned to face him in that "wtf?" kinda way. I never even spilled my drink.

Shocked at my clear head, I quickly called the landlord over who escorted him from the premises swiftly and easily. After a quick check of CCTV footage, I then reported the assault to the police. Image:Assaulted

Big thanks Image:Assaultedare due to the PC at Guildford police who took me through the reporting process. She was efficent, well mannered and polite throughout with just the right level of humility.

There's no visible damage, but my jaw is a bit bruised today; it ached a bit when eating my sandwich at lunchtime. I also still have a bit of a headache.

So, it's happened. My first punch. Image:AssaultedI guess I can expect more when I join Special Constabulary in the New Year. Last night's events confirmed my application. At least I know what to expect a certain extent.

I will be pressing charges and look forward to seeing him in court, should it get there.

  1. 1) Andy Dennis Said: (16/12/2004 23:00:10 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Ben - Hope you are ok mate, you know were I am.. take care now. Andy

  2. 2) Colman Carpenter Said: (17/12/2004 10:39:44 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Hope you´re OK.

    Having been assaulted in a nightclub many years ago I know it can be quite a traumatic experience....and in my case the police just didn't want to know.

    Hope you get the b*&%^d to court !

  3. 3) Jaime Alcorn Said: (17/12/2004 20:26:07 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Hiya Ben,

    Sorry to hear off you clash with the locals. Hope you are OK. As usual, you know where I am - also ready for a curry.

    Happy crimbo dude - maybe muchies and beer in the new year - perhaps we can drag Andy out this time.



  4. 4) Leonardo Burci Said: (27/12/2004 12:50:31 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Hello Ben,

    I am sorry that you had this humiliating experience. But what should make everybody think about is not the fact that you got attacked, but the reaction of the other guests. You report that half the pub emptied after the first smack. Obviously nobody intervened, not even the barman, so the dude could hit you again. This is a real problem. People fear and more than that people are indifferent about others. It is not the few aggressors and confused persons that make life so difficult at times - it is the big indifference of the many that makes it possible that things get worse than what they could be.

    Strangely enough not even you, as a victim of this incident, comment on the passiveness of your fellow guests and the barkeeper. You describe, but take it as a given. This is what i feel is wrong about your incident.

    Some years ago I had a few such experiences and I can tell you that the emotional shock and humiliation was far greater in the cases where others where near and whatching without helping. That really makes you think about the human condition of "the others".

  5. 5) Ben Poole Said: (05/01/2005 17:42:26 GMT) Gravatar Image

    As someone who was given a similarly unprovoked whallop some 14 years ago - entailing a loooooooong trip to A&E - I can sympathise.

    At least the police were interested in your case and did something. Take it all the way: I never had the chance thanks to our marvellous boys in blue.

    Re other patrons of the pub not intervening, well not many people would in this day and age. The stakes are too high.

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