Attention Carphone Warehouse Customers

Thursday 7th April, 2005
This is not a rant, this is pretty serious and doesn't just affect me.

Late last year, I purchased a new Nokia 9500 Communicator from Carphone Warehouse along with a new contract on the Vodafone network. My contract was for 200mins and a £25 "extras pack" was chosen that provided the equivalent of 500txt messages.

Due to an administrative error on their end I initially wasn't on the correct tariff and was billed incorrectly for December, January & February. By March they had eventually managed to put me on the correct tariff but, it seems, my bill is still wrong.

The fault lies with the extras pack. This is to be used against SMS, MMS and GPRS. On examination of the itemised bill though I can cleary see that I am still being charged for the GPRS traffic. This has resulted in me being overcharged over £30 since connection.

It's taken an unbelievable amount of effort to get this far. Nobody recognised my problem initially and then, when they did, it took a rediculous amount of time to put me on the correct tariff. I've now been sent a demand to settle my latest invoice. This is the 3rd set of billing I have received and still it is completely wrong. Whilst the bill for March clearly shows my extra pack, and specifies that it counts against GPRS, I'm still clearly being charged for GPRS traffic that I shouldn't be.

After paying for an incorrect December bill and then being direct debited for a January bill that was around double what it should have been (£87 overcharge) I took a step of cancelling my DD in February and have since not paid them, demanding accurate billing back to day one. We're now in April and I'm yet to receive this, but they're not prepared to discuss further until I pay my inaccurate bill. In the meantime, they have barred my phone. Jenny Roberts who works with Charles Dunstone in the Chief Executives Office is no longer replying to my emails and hiding behind voicemail in order to avoid my queries. It is this Jenny Roberts that has been the one recalculating my bill in error so many times without actually helping me out at all. She's not prepared to address a problem that could affect all users in their customer base.

If you're a Carphone Warehouse contract customer that also has an extra pack then check your bill and if you find any errors please contract me. As this potentially affects thousands of customers (possible O2 customers too) there is likely to be some media involvement in this in order to get it resolved.

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