Axbo Clock Update

Thursday 16th February, 2006
Many people are asking me for an update on my Axbo clock purchase and whether it works. Last week I posted a comment as below:

Despite pre-ordering a unit, I've not been contacted by Axbo since the unit started shipping. I tried to order through their online shop but they are 'sold out'.
I've sent them an enquiry email but haven't received a reply in, what is now, almost a week.
Would you spend €200 with someone who has this level of service?

I did finally get a reply yesterday:

Dear Mr. Rose,

sorry for the late answer. We need some time to handle all the
suggestions and requests.
As you might know, we presented aXbo to the Austrian public with a resoundingly success last month.
There is also an enormous worldwide demand and we didn’t expect such an overwhelming request.

We’d be pleased to serve the international orders as well. So we are very sorry to tell you that we are already “sold out“. We also have to handle some country-specific licences before delivering to your country as well. We will start preceding your orders latest by the end of May.
We hope that this is still early enough for you.

So there's the's not actually shipping to the UK yet.

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