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Wednesday 6th September, 2006
At 31 years of age, I'm back to school this term, but not as a pupil.

Before the summer break I was approached by the Chairman of the Governors at Sayes Court Junior School in Addlestone to ask if I would like to join the board.

He explained that the current board, a mix of parents and non-parents, sorely lacked IT skills & knowledge which were becoming more vital each year. The school has to spend considerable amounts of money on IT products and services in order to support this highly technological world. Having full-time IT staff simply isn't an option.

So I met with the headteacher, Mrs. Morrice, and confirmed I would be more than happy to help out and oversee the running of the school in all areas with particular focus on the IT budget and spending. I can see me getting my hands dirty on occasion too, I'm very local and can actually see the school from my front rude not to sort that comms room out.

  1. 1) Chris Linfoot Said: (06/09/2006 13:06:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Back To School

    Been there. Done that. You may live to regret this...

  2. 2) Thomas Schulte Said: (06/09/2006 13:14:26 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Back To School

    As Chris said. Been there, done that. And it is not an experience that i want to repeat.

    To much time spent and not enough satisfactory results gyrating between the schools directors, fundraising, and the really efficient (sarcastic mode) ministry of school affairs.

  3. 3) Ports Said: (06/09/2006 21:58:10 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Back To School

    Ignore the nay sayers Ben. My Dad has been a school Governor for years and has found it a very rewarding part of his life. Seriously.

  4. 4) G Said: (11/09/2006 12:32:00 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Back To School

    Ports doesnt seem to indicate that being so rewarding for Ports Snr, that he not also taken up the opportunity to enhance his karma.

    Time to dust off the green tie Andy ! Your calling is here...

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