Back To Work

Tuesday 31st August, 2004
Well, it's back to work here in the UK after our public holiday yesterday. I quite like these weekends except for two things:
  •  I never get any of the housework I planned completed, or in many cases even started.
  • The extra day seems to give 10% of users the complete inability to remember their passwords.

Has anybody found any good solutions that will enable users to remember their passwords? Also, has anyone found a way of forcing users to accept updated recovery information into their ID file. I delegated a lot of this a long time ago but still I'm the only user who can perform password recovery for many users!

Watched 3 DVD's this weekend. Rules of Engagement, which I enjoyed although it was a bit of a poor copy of A Few Good Men. I also watched A Bug's Life and The Negotiator, both of which I'd seen many times but always worth another watch.

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