Bandwidth Prioritisation and Control - D-Link DGL-4300

Monday 13th June, 2005
In a previous post I discussed the problem with my home hosted server. I have very limited upstream bandwidth and like to use all the downstream bandwidth I can. This can cause problems when it comes to streaming content, gaming or most of all, using my VoIP telephone.

During the discussion on this site, Bob Obringer pointed me to a new wireless router device; the D-link DGL-4300. (in the US there's also a non-wireless DGL-4100).

This product, designed primarily for gamers who demand low latency connections, is your standard UPNP wireless broadband router but, as a bonus, you get the ability to prioritise traffic based on type with 256 priority levels. This means that I'll be able to host my webserver on the same line as my VoIP without much issue. My webserver will give full bandwidth to readers until the phone rings and then give my VoIP call all the bandwidth it requires until complete. In the background, my email and BitTorrent traffic can also be scaled back appropriately.

All the reviews I've read seem to make this box an ideal purchase so now I just need to find a supplier who can ship me one soon. Scan have it listed but no stock they've also not replied to my email about stock availability yet...what is an expected level of services from a sales email?

I've also emailed D-Link to check on the possibility of the 4100 model being launched in the UK, I don't really need a 3rd wireless AP!

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