Apple Batteries on a Plane

Saturday 16th September, 2006
In his Blog entry Apple screws up UPS recall..., The Guardian's Charles Arthur explains the compilations in being involved with the recent Apple laptop battery recall.

So this morning I called UPS on the number given.
“I need a pickup - it’s an Apple battery recall,” I said.
“Does it say Standard or Express Saver on the label?” the UPS telephone-answering woman asked.
“Express Saver,” I replied, impressed that something as simple as a battery should get Express status.
“I’m sorry, then, we can’t take it,” said the woman.
Me: silence. “What?”
“Because Express Saver goes on a plane, but we can’t take batteries on a plane.”

This article pretty much sums up modern life dealing with customer services in the UK. I'm reminded of the old Flanders & Swann song "The Gasman Cometh".

Thanks for the laugh Charles.

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