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Wednesday 13th April, 2005
It seems I have become the worldwide authority on being the #1 hit on google for " spam". I am getting an unbelievable amount of hits on this site about Bebo following my previous posting.

It seems to have caused quite a debate with a massive variety of posted comments from all around the world. Some say it's a good service and very helpful. Some say they send out spam. Some say that Bebo is a major security breach.

So today, as lunch breaks are so exciting, I decided to register on bebo. I created a new email address and used it to register on This is a private address and isn't used anywhere else.

NOWHERE did they ask me for my Microsoft Passport details. NOWHERE did they take any login/password details for any other site. NOWHERE did it look for email addresses on my machine and NONE of my MSN contacts were messages automatically.

As far as I can tell, are offering a completely innocent service. They may have recently modified their system, but as of today for sure it doesn't automatically email anybody. All they present is a pre-typed email which can be copy/pasted into your chosen email program.

So, a big "NOT GUILTY" verdict for and some of the previous comments on this site are just plain wrong. Whether the same can be said for other similar services remains to be seen. I shall be investigating them too.

UPDATE: After a retrial called by "DK" in the comments below, I find guilty as charged. For those that use a hotmail address, you'll see in the screen capture below that it you are prompted to enter your hotmail password. This may well be in breach of Hotmail Terms & Conditions as you shouldn't be sharing your login with a 3rd party. By supplying your Hotmail login/password to you are potentially giving them access to ALL your emails, ALL your contacts in your address book, ALL of their home address, phone numbers etc.

If you're using and are a Hotmail user, change your password NOW! I also recommend you quit the service. The message they send are not unsolicited, the user has to click the "send" button, but users are given little or no advice about the risks of sharing their Hotmail password.

Congratulations bebo, you're now barred on all the email gateways I manage.

DK and other concerned users - It may be worth dropping a line and telling them about this. Feel free to send them a link to this site. - Update Hotmail Users - Update - Update

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