Tuesday 22nd February, 2005

I am updating my address book and it would be very helpful if you could click on the link below and enter your contact details for me:

I am using a service that keeps contact details current, just update your own contact details and then the changes appear in selected friends' address books. When I update my contact details you will see them in your address book.

Thank you for helping.



Is it just me that's getting bombed with these on a continual basis. I'm getting on about 4 or 5 a week at the moment. It appears to be spam linked to people who have me in their MSN messenger contacts list even though I haven't a clue who they are.

Thankfully I don't use my "real" contact details for my MSN account!

Please see my latest update:

  1. 1) joey Said: (22/02/2005 20:54:17 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I got one of them from my mate - not through my msn address either. Its the only one I've had so far so I've not got too fed up with it yet!

  2. 2) Eric Parsons Said: (22/02/2005 21:14:38 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I've seen a lot of similar. I tend to toss them as "if we were really close, you wouldn't need this stuff."

  3. 3) CQ Said: (03/03/2005 14:20:36 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    BEBO is a good site. I signed up and I am able to keep in touch with friends that are constantly moving around very easily. I have been a member for about a month and have recieved no increse in the amount of spam. For right now I find it offers a good service.

  4. 4) Ben Rose Said: (03/03/2005 14:23:57 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    CQ - Shame you didn't leave your email address, I'd invite you to

  5. 5) Liz Said: (17/03/2005 21:21:33 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    Pretty cool being able to share photos with mates around the world though. And I risk forgetting birthdays of even my close mates so the reminder thing is pretty useful.

  6. 6) BC Said: (19/03/2005 21:44:10 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    What I find curious is --- how is it that they're getting this information? They have my friends full names + e-mail addresses. Where's it publically accessible unless is infecting someone with serious spyware?

  7. 7) stat Said: (20/03/2005 19:42:36 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    i followed the bebo link once: it asks you for your email address, and the password for the account! that way is just goes through your address book sending mail.

    does the word 'spam' fit here? cos it's not only unsolicited, it's unknowingly sent. :-S

  8. 8) Hugh Said: (20/03/2005 22:03:11 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I've been getting these steadily too. Dozens of 'invitations' in the space of a week. And then the spam started. My email address is NEVER posted unaltered on the web, so how the senders of the "CONGRATULATIONS YOUR EMAIL WON THE LOTTERY" spam found it, I don't know. I've been getting at least one of these spams every day. It's rather a coincidence I start getting these just after Bebo gets hold of my address.

    A friend of mine was one of those who signed up to Bebo. Now her hotmail account, completely fine since several years ago, has been hijacked and bogus email sent out to members of the list. I wonder how that could be.

  9. 9) bonj Said: (26/03/2005 23:17:57 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I have a friend that uses the service and sent a notification to one of my hotmail accounts. I have since used the service and updated my info and recieve notification whenever she updates her informaiton. I refrained the offer to have it e-mail all contacts I have in my Hotmail Account. One can copy and paste a message to send from any account to a friend that you would like them to join and have them update their info. It looks like a handy service. I have not noticed an increase in spam from using the it.

    That is just my experience, I guess your mileage may vary.

  10. 10) Angie Said: (31/03/2005 00:14:48 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I know the guy that made this website, he lives in san diego...theres nothing to worry about... its not spam, just an offer to use a site thats very kool! so stop the noise about the "SPAM" please...if u dont get charged to use a good service, u call it spam, just appreciate it.

  11. 11) bob Said: (31/03/2005 03:37:40 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I find a very scary site as it looks OK and offers a good service. The problem is that you have to give your hotmail password! Giving your email address away is get spam but you can delete it....but giving your password away is very very stupid! The company will then have access to your account whenever they want it, your private details and the details of all your friends. If it was a legitimate service it would not ask for you password!!!

  12. 12) Ray Cummings Said: (01/04/2005 09:56:37 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I've just joined bebo and it certainly looks like an excellent service. I've also passed it on to some of my friends and I've already received negative input from them. They have concerns about giving up their password for their e-mail accounts and overall security. So far, I've had 2 photos passed on to me by a friend and the service works great.

  13. 13) DK Said: (13/04/2005 12:02:37 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    Passwords are private and should never be shared with a third party. Any service that requires you to share your password is dubious.

    I know for a fact that will use your password to send invites from your Hotmail account to all your contacts WITHOUT notifying you.

    This is very disshonect and can only be considered as Spyware/AdWare and etc.

    CQ, LIZ, Angie and Ray are likely user(s) associated with

    Spread the word to your friends to CHANGE their Hotmail account PASSWORDS.

  14. 14) Ben Rose Said: (13/04/2005 12:40:08 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    Please see my latest posting { Link }

  15. 15) happygael Said: (25/04/2005 21:10:08 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    I eliminated a person from My email and messenger list and received a bobo invitation to supply them with all my personal info.

  16. 16) lolli Said: (02/05/2005 16:24:57 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    hiya ya site iz brill i aint got me own 1 but i will b keep addin new stuff they r gd add me plz everybody hahaha!!!!!!!!!1

  17. 17) a happy bebo member Said: (12/05/2005 19:56:03 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    You guys are trippin! Bebo is a safe site, but sometimes spammers find real site names to send their emails out. I love the service.

    You guys should read this article:

    { Link }

  18. 18) Bummins Said: (20/05/2005 17:20:14 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    i think all my friends are complete idiots, i seem to get 10's of emails from bebo via my friends every week.

  19. 19) Rob Said: (04/06/2005 05:25:09 GMT) Gravatar Image Has Unethical Internet Usage Policies

    I would qualify this website as one that spams people. Any site that sends email out to people's friends without the blatent consent of the user is spam. This site goes against current understood internet ethics.

    Any legitimate site will _ask_ you to enter email addresses to those you wish to share the site with. Surprise! Bebo simply dives in and emails people.

    To prove the unethical nature, please read the following email my friend jay sent out yesterday:


    Hi everyone,

    Sorry about the email yesterday. I got invited to be on bebo from one of my friends, and when I went to sign up I guess I sent the email out to eveyerone on my hotmail list. I don't know what I did, but you can just ignore it.

    Again sorry about that, talk to you all later!




    She sent this out to a list of 40 people. If this isn't a clear indication that this website is sending out unsolicited email without the consent of its users I don't know what is.

    Clearly Bebo's owners must be reading this thread, I ask you to come out and defend your site. Explain exactly what your site does with email addresses and why you don't think it is unsolicited email or spam.

    If you can convince me, I'll state here in this forum that I was wrong. The trick is, I know this isn't going to happen.

    To combat this website's terrible policy, I urge you to forward the email to your ISP's spam monitoring address. You can find this email by looking over the customer support pages.

    I can't believe I just wrote this all out, but the truth should be out there.

  20. 20) joe Said: (23/03/2006 07:31:14 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    Beware. Bebo is a scam. Spam spam spam

    { Link }

  21. 21) Barbara Said: (26/03/2006 15:02:51 GMT) Gravatar Image

    I have been a bebo member for almost a year now and haven't experienced any problems at all. I love the site. I don't understand what you're referring to re asking for email passwords. I only get asked for my bebo password, not my email one. You can choose to put in your user name or email address, then you choose your own password (not your email one). Am I missing something here? When are people being asked for their email password? I login in on a daily basis - this is daily for almost a year and no probs. Confused!

  22. 22) Cathal Said: (30/03/2006 17:28:22 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    Hey Guys. Im a student in WIT in Ireland. and they banned bebo from college. All colleges around the country are adopting this stance as it is taking up valuable computer time. I say NO, it aids in the socialisation of Irelands youths, where they have failed - bring back bebo!!!!

  23. 23) princess Said: (31/03/2006 15:09:11 GMT) Gravatar Image SPAM!

    wat up dogs?

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