Big News

Monday 3rd April, 2006
What could be bigger news on a Notes related blog than news about a Notes blog...or should I say Dominoblog!

We all heard from Lotusphere that they were planning to add Blog template and RSS support to Domino 7 later this year but we didn't have any more details and nobody has said anything since...until now that is.

It seems big congratulations are in order to Steve Castledine who appears to have not only sold Dominoblog to IBM but also to have landed himself a job too.

It's great to see all the effort Steve put into the Dominoblog has come to more reward than the £10 I sent him on PayPal last year. Steve's code is already in use on hundreds of sites including 4 or 5 of my own so it's no surprise that such an excellent tool has been acquired by IBM to incorporate into ND7.

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