Blog Broke???

Thursday 14th October, 2004
What happened to my comments? Clicking on the comments link no longer goes straight to the comments page and I'm forced to do another click which then opens in a pop-up window.

What did I change? How do I put it back to normal? :O(

  1. 1) Ben Rose Said: (15/10/2004 14:46:03 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Blog Broke???

    Yes I fixed it...thank you Steve { Link } for you excellent documentation :)

  2. 2) Steve Castledine Said: (15/10/2004 17:13:32 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Just found this entry! - did you want popup comments or inline?

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (15/10/2004 18:02:15 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Blog Broke???

    I wanted inline, which I had, and then I broke it.

    Seems I managed to accidentally change one of the forms in use. The docs for setting up inline comments enabled me to fix it.

    Starting clean from 2.2.1 gave me inline from day one, so never need to know how before...

  4. 4) Steve Castledine Said: (18/10/2004 16:12:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Blog Broke???

    One thing I would mention - the 2.2.1 templatye download has a slight css bug (well IE has the bug!) where the comments page can go funny when scrolled on some versions - the dx design import for the same template fixes it - I must get round to changing th template download as well.

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