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Wednesday 10th August, 2005
You'll see, unlike most, I don't have many permanent links from the links section of my blog on the right. This is totally intentional. I basically only link to sites I read on a regular basis. If you're on my blogroll you can safely assume I read your site every day and check out every update. They're not the only sites I read, but they are ones I particularly like and would recommend to people who enjoy my site. This list is constantly under review and I chop and change regularly.

Alan Bell
is a Domino consultant who seems to like all the same kind of geeky gadgety things I do. He doesn't post so often, but when he does it's often worth a read. Alan Lepofsky is the guru of Notes/Domino hints and tips, almost everyone has something to learn there. Andrew Pollack's content is ofen a bit too much on the dev side for me but he carries some VERY good presentations & technotes on his site and some interesting random articles around his volunteer job in the fire service. Andy Porter is a former colleague who still works with IBM and writes some very witty stuff about life in and around London, England. Ben Poole makes my head hurt with the dev content on his blog. I purely read his site because it gives me a veiw from the "other side". He's a full-time developer, I'm an admin; he likes Apple...I don't :O) Bill Buchan is a mad little Scotsman who will shortly have a mad little car to match. I think what Bill and I don't know between us on Notes/Domino isn't worth knowing but, in honesty,  he probably fills more gaps in my knowledge than I do in his. Bruce Elgort seems to have more time to both read and write than I do, a nice daily read. Chris Linfoot's blog is THE anti-spam bible, a must-read for all Domino admins. Darren Adams works with Ed Brill, but based at IBM in the UK; if you ever see Darren on a seminar timetable you won't be disappointed in the audience. is the template I use on Domino to construct this site. Ed Brill should need no introduction but for those that don't know he's a global porn star who travels around the world doing on-location shoots. Paul Mooney write lots of Notes/Domino admin stuff which is just on the right level for me and worth a look in my lunch break. Richard Schwartz - a fountain of dev knowledge with good admin skills to back it up, somebody I'd like on my pub quiz team. Rocky Oliver - now back at IBM but still writing about th gadgets and the VoIP stuff that interests me. Roy Holder - he's an old git apparently, but he's right on my considerably younger wavelength. Steve Castledine - developer of this blog template and a great value dev consultant if you need one; his workload is high for a reason.

Of course everyone of these sites inherits some of my Google Page Ranking, Which currently stands at a score of 4. I've been reading some interesting articles on Google page ranking recently and thought I'd share a quick summary of how it all works.


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