BREXIT - 100W Light Bulbs Back On Sale Following Leave Vote

Saturday 25th June, 2016
Really? You think it's that easy that you put an X in a box and you can turn over decades of environmental policy?

From Twitter:

Clearly you weren't alone. But those light bulbs weren't banned because of the EU - they were banned because better alternatives are available and the only way to get people to switch was to cut off supply of the old ones. Sure the powers that be blamed the EU, but they would have done it anyway.

The EU has been blamed for many things over time - the loss of gallons, pounds & ounces and more serious things like immigration and the break down of the NHS. It's been the ultimate scapegoat and it's no wonder people learned to hate it.

I'm quite sure a large proportion of leave voters didn't actually want to leave, but they figured it was the best time to register their protest as the UK has changed and they preferred it the old way.

I guess the final outcome should have been no surprise from a nation that didn't learn how to vote in school, but from shows like the X-Factor.
I'm reminded of that series where everybody voted for Wagner - not because he could sing - at all - but because they thought it would be fun.


The end result was their favourite singers ending up in the bottom two and even Wagner shocked that one of them was going home instead of he.
Well folks, this is a real democracy. Simon isn't there with a golden ticket to save the better act and you don't get to vote again next week.

Now we're stuck with Wagner as our next leader, good luck to us all.

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