Browser Choice

Monday 18th October, 2004
I decided to try out the Firefox Browser that everybody keeps going on about this weekend. Clearly it offered some significant advantages over and above IE and is a bit less of a target for hackers as it has a minority user base.

It's nice, with bit in download manager, tabbed windows etc. which is all well and good but it just didn't get me quite as excited as I expected. I guess if I used plain old vanilla IE I would be really excited and find it an advantage...but I don't. For quite some time now, I've been using Avant Browser. Essentially just a wrapper around IE it added functionality that I really wanted long before Firefox. Ad blocking, pop-up blocking, tabbed windows, auto-refresh have all been second nature to me for quite some time now. Now in V10, support for RSS feeds has been added along with other enhancements.

I guess if I wasn't so accustomed to Avant Browser then Firefox would have felt a bit less of a steep learning curve, the former just seems to give me all the options I need when I need them just by doing a simple right click. Firefox just seemed to bury them all a bit too much for me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Microsoft fan, but I do think the IE based browser wins here.

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