Buffalo Terastation

Friday 24th June, 2005
Looks like I've found a solution for my personal backups - a 1.0TB Buffalo Terastation.

I have approximately 300GB of storage between the devices on my LAN, this all needs to be backed up securely before something pops. I also have archiving needs so I need a backup device bigger than 300GB.

The Buffalo Terastation is available in 3 models...0.6TB, 1.0TB and 1.6TB. There comprise of 4 internal IDE drives in a chassis. In the case of the 1.0TB model I've chosen, this will be 4x 250GB drives which can be configured using RAID if desired. This gives you the flexibility of one large 1.0TB partition, 1 x 750GB RAID5 partition, 2x250GB RAID1 partitions or 4 x 250GB drives. The RAID5 option I'm particularly interested in offers the best value, allowing storage with data security in the event of drive loss.

The system comes fully supplied with backup software, allowing network machines to be backed up to it on schedule and even has 4 peripheral USB2.0 ports. These can be used to setup a network print server and also to increase on-board storage. External devices connected here can also be used to backup the Terastation itself using it's onboard backup utility. Multiple terastations can even back each other up.

This is ideal for my use. I'll keep data on my local PCs and run a regular backup to the terastation keeping a vital second copy of data. I'll store all my MP3 media directly on the terastation, removing the need to have a PC online for my music share. To top the lot, if a drive goes down in my Terastation I can replace it and not have lost any data...more than can be said for my PC.

At £640, it's not cheap, but comparable to 4 x 250GB external drives. With the included RAID option and backup utilities, this represents excellent value.

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UPDATE: £605.96 delivered - www.morecomputers.co.uk

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