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Thursday 14th July, 2005
I need to give a Blackberry to a user who is not in the same Notes domain as our BES.

Our BES and current Blackberry users are in Domain A. Our new user is in Domain B.

Is it just a case of x-certifiying, setting him and all relevant servers up with access to the BES and then just adding him as a user? Or must the BES be in the same domain as the user?

Any advice appreciated as I don't want to go through the hassle of setting it up to find out it doesn't work.

  1. 1) Tony Kelleran Said: (14/07/2005 15:10:32 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    Are you running a v4.0 BES? There is multiple domain support with v4.0, I think some have figured out how to do it in earlier releases, but I know its not supported and potentially cumbersome to get going only for 1 user.

  2. 2) Philip Storry Said: (14/07/2005 15:55:27 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    This technical article implis strongly that the older (pre-4.x) versions of BES rely upon a Person document:

    { Link }

    I've never tried cross-domain connections with BES, but here's how I'd try it...

    Firstly, check the connections between the servers after cross-certification etc, by forcing a replication.

    Make sure that Directory Assistance is set up on your Blackberry server, so that a Person document can be made available to the BES software.

    If it doesn't work with the BES software, consider manually adding a person document for the user AND then using replication formulas to ensure it never replicates off that one server. (Yeah, it's a maintenance nightmare, but I'd rather have small maintenance problems on one server than massive addressing problems for one user across the whole domain...)

    If it still won't work by that last point, then it's time to include this in your justification for upgrading to BES 4.0... ;-)

    Of course, all of this is experimental, and I'm picking methods that have minimal impact on the rest of your systems. Which is why it sounds wierd and whacky, but trust me, it might just work. ;-)

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (14/07/2005 16:09:17 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    To add some info, it's a trusted adjacent domain to which we already have a hub-hub server connection.

    It's literally just 2 domains that should have been merges a long time ago and in domain A (with the BES) we have an extended directory catalog which merges all the person documents from domain B into the domain A address book anyway.

    In summary, there's some connection in place and the person documents are readily available.

    Worth a try?

    It's not BES 4.0 by the way...

  4. 4) Philip Storry Said: (14/07/2005 16:39:52 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    The BES server certainly won't work with a Directory Catalogue, as it requires (according to that document) both a People view and a $Users view, and the Dircetory Catalogue lacks the latter. Also, there's no guarantee that the Directory catalogue has the fields required.

    If the BEs server recognises Directory Assistance, it might just work with a proper replica of the Domino Directory from Domain B.

    Sadly, from reading that document, I have a suspicion that it won't even do Directory Assistance, and is hardcoded to look at names.nsf on the same server. In which case, adding a manual copy of the Person document from the other Domino Directory is the only solution. :-(

  5. 5) Ben Rose Said: (14/07/2005 16:42:16 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    Philip - Thanks for the input...but i said EXTENDED catalog, there's only one address book on the BES containing both sets of person docs.

  6. 6) Philip Storry Said: (14/07/2005 16:43:42 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    D'OH. Sorry. At work and flipping between solving my own problems and trying to help you with yours. ;-)

  7. 7) Cindy Steele Said: (09/08/2005 16:16:14 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Calling Blackberry Experts

    I am having a similar issue. I am getting the mail to forward to the blackberry to a different domain, however, when a user sends an email from the blackberry (domain B), to his domain, it attaches Domain A's name. Example: sends mail from blackberry to when receives the mail, it reads which is Domain A. Domain A happends to be where the BES Server is sitting. When mail is sent to the internet from the blackberry by, it appears, exactly that way (, when UserA sends mail to Domain A it comes to us correctly. Any ideas on how to correct so that user can send to their own domain and have their domain name appear so that responses can be made.

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