Car Writers Wanted

Friday 6th May, 2011
As many of you will already know, I'm building up a new web site -

It's now clear what the basic premise around the site is and I've developed a nice database of vehicle information allowing new used car buyers to look up emissions figures and approximate running costs for their future motor. So far so good.

The next stage will be to build some kind of front-end for the website which will turn it into some form of on-line motoring publication. A stuffy on-line database will soon lose appeal but a nice, frequently updated, front end should keep the site busy and (hopefully) keep people coming back. There will likely be sections for news on the latest vehicle releases and on-line reviews for the latest car models so people can get an idea for what their next car might be like.

This is where you come in.

I'm not a journalist by trade, I'm an IT consultant. I write a reasonable amount of content for this site but it's just a personal blog and topics chosen in a rather ad-hoc manner. I don't have a proof reader, meaning stuff is often uploaded with typos etc. and, most difficult of all, I struggle to find the time. It's not a full-time job for me and likely never will be, no matter how much I dedicated. When I attend motoring events I have to take time-off from my day job, considerably limiting the amount of launches I can go to. When I drive press cars, I do so in my own time and pay for the fuel from my own pocket with no hope of ever charging it back to anybody.

What I do know, though, is that I'm not alone. There are a number of you out there blogging on your own personal site about cars, like I do, just for fun. You do it in your own time and from your own pocket and pick up as many referrals as you can from twitter/FB etc. but you'd really like to go that stage further.

What I'm proposing is that we join forces under this new umbrella and publish our content under the single, combined branding. Unlike Jaffa's Juicy Bits or whatever your site may be called, it's easily mentally linked with cars and will only contain motoring content, not the other random stuff we like to write about on our personal blogs. We can proof read and help edit each other's content, improving our writing skills, and raise more awareness of our own efforts. If we're invited to an event, and can't attend, we can pass it on to another colleague in the co-operative who may be interested in going - so the content gets to the site anyway.

Ultimately, this will take us all a stage further and, should the site go commercial from sponsors etc. we may even start to make some money from it, or at least cover our costs. It would also be good for the CV if you fancied a career change in the future. You may be a student or recent graduate in motor journalism and need an outlet to showcase your talents and get that first rung on the ladder. Whatever and whomever you are, if this might be of interest, I'd like to hear from you.

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