Carphone Warehouse - Update

Monday 11th April, 2005
I emailed my contact, Andi Taylor, at the Carphone Warehouse shop on Saturday morning requesting a callback...I still can't make outbound calls.

He could me back promptly and I explained that I wanted to make a payment in order to remove the barring on my phone. Whilst I'm still being overcharged...I'm now paying for the privilege of a phone I cannot use!

He politely explained I could not make a payment over the phone and that I would need to call the 0870 can phone is barred...PATHETIC!

So, I emailed the now Google famous Jenny Roberts this morning to explain I wanted to make a payment. I got a receipt for this email shortly afterwards and no reply.

Jenny...if you're reading this...please call me. I want to make payment and unblock my phone! This is surely the last time I will EVER use Carphone Warehouse.

Here's the email I sent on Friday morning...

Dear Jenny,

Just a quick update on the current status of my complaint.

1) I still haven't received the requested credit of £30.03 for the incorrectly billed GPRS.

2) Andrew Taylor and Patrick Philips of the Caterham CPW  store have now viewed and been given copies of all statements and itemised billing. They have confirmed there is a billing fault which appears to be with the "Hades" system. They are investigating this further on my behalf.

3) My phone has now been barred for a combined total of over 48hrs since the initial connection. I will be pursuing compensation for 2 days loss of service and an additional day for every 24hrs I am further disconnected.

4) Vodafone have been very responsive and helpful and supplied me with relevant contact details. I've been told to contact a Mr. Arun Sarin with my problems who I'm told will contact Charles Dunstone directly on my behalf. I will also send Mr Sarin a copy of my contract and incorrect billing for reference.

5) I will be speaking to Surrey Trading Standards later today and supplying them with a copy of all bills/corrected bills/contracts etc.

6) I maintain that if charged correctly I will be more than happy to settle the outstanding balance. I believe at this point it will require a credit of £30.03 plus 2 days loss of service @ £1.83/day inc. VAT (based on a 30day month). That makes the total credit required £33.70. Obviously this will increase in another 24hrs.

7) If this matter isn't fully resolved within 7days, I will be terminating my contract based on clause 8.1.1 of my contract.

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