Charity Event Results

Wednesday 6th April, 2005
As so many people keep asking me, I figured I should send out a quick update about how I got on with my charity event last week.

I can confirm that I did go the whole week without the internet, computers, games consoles and txt messaging. All I was allowed was plain old phone calls which, I have to be honest, I'd got out of the habit of using. It may not sound a lot to most of you, but to someone who spends nearly all day every day connected this was no mean feat. I don't have any newspapers, tv guides, telephone directories or anything in my house as I do it all online. I couldn't even do any on-line shopping for a week, which probably saved me a few quid.

To remove temptation, all my computers were packed away so I took that opportunity to also remove the furniture and decorate all my bedrooms. Thankfully I only have one so it wasn't a hard slog, but the week allowed me to get a decent job done and have a refreshing time away from all the online world by taking my god-daughter to the London science museum. I even read a newspaper for the first time in ages! Needless to say my mates kept txting me all day every day just to annoy me when my phone beeped and I couldn't reply.

The big winner last week was, as intended, Cancer Research UK. The online donation total at now stands at £1377.44 which, after I've collected a couple more donations from people who've promised me cash and £100 from Carphone Warehouse who agreed to donate as compensation for the appalling service I received from them over the past few months, will see the total exceeding my target of £1500. My initial £1000 target was broken so easily I was forced to increase my target.

Thanks again to all who pledged money to such a good cause, the donation page is still open should anybody else wish to pledge anything.

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