Closing Time

Friday 3rd March, 2006
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

These are the unbelievably appropriate words that came from Semisonic in their excellent tune Closing Time from the album 'Feeling Strangely Fine'. Appropriate because the end has come for Jaffa's Juicy Bits - But from that end comes a new beginning.

A little while ago now, I launched a new Lotus Notes User Group for the UK and it's slowly and surely consuming all of my available free time. This, along with currently trying to setup a home with my girlfriend Jo after finally deciding to live together after 9 years, means something has to slip; and it's this site.

But the blogging will continue...over on the UK Lotus Notes User Group website.

I'll continue posting my usual Notes/Domino and other industry related content but this time under the banner of the UK user group where hopefully it will draw further attention to the group and it's efforts. This UK user group has been a long time coming...I've been trying since 2003 to get this off the ground so with nearly 100 members from over 80 companies hopefully this time we've got the momentum we need to keep it going.

Also, if I can persuade any of them to come out of the shadows, I'll hopefully get some other user group members to contribute with some postings of their own to vary the content a bit.

So, if you've enjoyed reading this site, then please head over there and add it to your bookmarks or RSS feed.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all who've made this site possible, especially Steve Castledine and DominoBlog without whom this site wouldn't exist.

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