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Wednesday 6th September, 2006
Well, I tried my best to get this to work but it's just not worth any more of my time.

I got coComment support working pretty well except it wouldn't send the post subject through properly. The combination of plain text (that needs quotes) and tags (which don't seem to like quotes all that much) just seems to be confusing the syntax somewhat.

On top of all that, the coComment javascript hijacks my page more than I would like.

Firstly, for each comment, the submit button needs to be clicked twice. Once to send to coComment and a second time to submit to the blog, perhaps why it's called Web 2.0 - for 2 presses. This isn't what I would call user friendly and will just lead to reader confusion.

Additionally, the co-comment page functionality takes too long to load. I like all my page to render in the browser in one hit, I don't like applets or add-ins that take too long to display.

So, bye bye coComment...a nice concept let down by it's implementation. Thanks to the coComment guys for offering assistance.

  1. 1) Chris Linfoot Said: (06/09/2006 11:01:34 GMT) Gravatar Image
    coComment DISabled

    And yet, strangely, I am still able to submit this and capture the comment ;-)

    Seriously, couldn't Steve help with the integration?

    The coComment integration as implemented by Christian Brandlehner in Blogsphere works seamlessly.

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (06/09/2006 11:08:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    coComment DISabled

    No idea why you can still capture, all the script has gone this end.

    I actually spoke to Steve about it yesterday, it's quite possible we will see white papers or technotes for integrating the official IBM blog template with services like coComment at a later date.

    I see the blogsphere integration works well and I'm not quite sure where the difference lies. Clearly the flexible DX tags in DominoBlog add to the complexity of the solution, but it's clearly not impossible. I think the comment spam protection on DominoBlog may be in the mix somewhere.

    Sean Burgess has it working on DominoBlog, so I could get it working no doubt, but the page load times just weren't good enough for me. Sean's page is already bogged down with adverts and other add-ins anyway, so I guess another one didn't harm him too much.

    I hate slow websites and if a commercial solution slows down my page loads, then it's not a good solution.

  3. 3) Peter de Haas Said: (06/09/2006 12:29:57 GMT) Gravatar Image
    coComment DISabled


    (re)inpsired by your earlier post on CoComments I though I'd give it a try. I hadn't started yet in using it but I promised myself to comments / get involved more out there. Keeping track of my whereabouts was the difficulty.

    The link button works fine in IE7 (yes the one in MS Vista RC1)..

  4. 4) Chris Linfoot Said: (06/09/2006 13:08:31 GMT) Gravatar Image
    coComment DISabled

    @2: That would be the little button in my browser toolbar - the one that says "coComment!" ;-)

  5. 5) Stephanie Booth Said: (12/09/2006 15:32:57 GMT) Gravatar Image
    coComment DISabled

    A blog doesn't have to be "integrated" for people to be able to capture the comments they leave on it. If the comment form markup is compatible, then people with a coComment account who are using the extension or the bookmarklet will be able to follow the conversation (which will be partial if the comment markup itself is not parsable by the coCo-crawler).

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