Coke in plastic bottles

Monday 14th March, 2005
I've come to the conclusion that coke in plastic bottles really sucks.

Coke from a glass bottle or a can is just fine and always fine. But Coke in a 500ml bottle (or 24oz as I think it is in the US) just sucks a bit. I'm not sure where it goes wrong, but even from the first mouthful it just isn't right. I'm actually considering buying 2 cans instead of a bottle in this scenario from now on.

Pouring the contents from a plastic bottle into a glass over ice seems to be fine so it's no real problem with the contents, I don't think, just the combination of plastic and coke when drinking from the bottle.

I think similar applies to beer. OK from a glass or a glass bottle...but useless from a can.

Or maybe I'm just going mad.

  1. 1) Colman Carpenter Said: (14/03/2005 18:00:45 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Coke in plastic bottles

    Maybe ?!? Going ?!?!?

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