Copy Protected CD - Keep it or dump it ?

Monday 9th January, 2006
Last week I ordered around £150 of music CDs online to provide me with full lossless copies of albums I'd borrowed, downloaded or otherwise acquired over the course of last year.

Although it seems strange to only open the CD box once and put it straight into storage, it's nice to be legal and good to have the original quality on my audio systems.

One title posed a problem. The album 'Eye To The Telescope' by KT Tunstall arrived on an EMI label with 'copy protection'. The sales page on never mentioned this protection and the disc doesn't even carry the 'compact disc digital audio' logo.

So, I could rip it into my Sonos system in the usual way; quite annoying when you own 9000 legally purchased tracks and the copy protection stops you listening to your latest purchase.

I made an immediate decision to 1) crack the protection and 2) return the disc to the vendor in protest.

It didn't take much effort and I ripped the disc quite successfully to my music collection using a tool I downloaded. My decision now is whether to keep the disc or return it in protest to the hassle.

So, what do you think...keep it or return it?

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