Notes User Group - Data Protection

Thursday 31st August, 2006
During the somewhat brief time I tried, and failed, to get some momentum into a UK based Lotus Notes User Group, I received some interesting approaches from 3rd parties; I guess there isn't much harm in writing about it now.

On many occasions I received emails from 3rd party business partners and consultants who were keen to know exactly which companies were members and many asked for specific names and contact details. You'll be glad to know I supplied none of these to anybody, even meeting sponsors had to ask meeting attendees for details.

On more than one occasion people who'd previously expressed an interest in being active in the group just walked away when I refused to disclose members details to which I feel they had no right.

I find it a real conflict in my head that I set up a user group to be run by the members for the members and yet many a place just saw this as some kind of marketing opportunity. That wasn't the idea in my head at all; if anybody has ever been a member of a car Owners Club I think they'll understand the angle I was trying to take - yet even since I announced my closure of the group I'm still receiving attempts from people to get personal details of the members involved.

So, just to let you all know and hopefully dissuade and future's gone! File...database...delete. I don't have the data any more and everyone's personal data is gone.

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