Desperate Housewives

Thursday 6th January, 2005

OK, so I fell victim to the hype and cancelled my regular Wednesday night trip to the pub to watch the new show Desperate Housewives on Channel 4. Not really my kind of show, but The Sun newspaper here in the UK had an article that promised me images in the show of Teri Hatcher naked and who was I to refuse. (At this point you'll realise how many Google hits "Teri Hatcher naked" is going to give me today).

Well, what can I say? Hatcher is about the only person in the whole show who can act and it should be called Desperate Scriptwriters. Maybe it's just an American thing that doesn't appeal to my English brain but I though it was trash, I'd rather be watching re-runs of Sunset Beach.

As a bonus, Channel 4 ran next week's episode immediately afterward on their sister channel E4. This gave me the ability to confirm the show was complete rubbish without staying in another week. I saw 10mins of the second episode before waking up on the sofa shortly after it finished. Says it all really.

Anybody else watch it? Opinions welcomed...

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