Dilbert Has A Blog

Thursday 3rd November, 2005
Scott Adams, author/artist of Dilbert, has a blog. Possibly one of the funnist things I've read in ages.

Link: Dilbertblog

  1. 1) Chris Linfoot Said: (04/11/2005 13:30:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Dilbert Has A Blog

    Yup. I subscribed to his RSS a few days ago and guess what. It is all but unreadable via RSS and you have to look at it on-line.

    Why? My guess, he posts directly from some bit of Microsoft software which pays no heed to the character set or encoding purportedly in use and uses unescaped, unencoded in any way non-ASCII characters (like left and right quote marks). Try looking at the feed's raw XML to see truly horrifying HTML in the content:encoded section.

    That same broken HTML is evident in the web version too but the style sheet at typepad.com seems to be overriding its worst effects (e.g. excessive use of Times New Roman).

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