Domino Clusters

Friday 15th April, 2005
I'm currently making some major changes to our UK Domino infrastructure. A newer, more powerful, primary server is being introduced and all server being upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003.

Our Windows admins seemed a little surprised at how I'm going about upgrading our mail cluster. I don't have to take it all off-line, break it all, upgrade, rebuilt etc. and then bring it all back online. I simply build the new box, Win2003 and Domino 6.5.4 and add it into the existing cluster. What? 3 nodes in a cluster...oh yes. Then I take one of the existing nodes out of the cluster, off-line and rebuild. Add it back into the cluster and we're all done.

All this time, users have a primary server and a failover in the (very unlikely) event of a failure. Do that with Exchange!

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