Domino memory limitations on Windows

Thursday 21st April, 2005
My RAMdrive topic has prompted a few discussions around the memory limitation of Domino on Win32.

As I understand it, a 32-bit application is unabled to address any memory above 2GB although Windows can. If written to utilise it, an application can utilise this higher memory area in a similar way that DOS apps used HIMEM.

So, as I understand it, Domino is only a 32-bit application and can only utilise 2GB of RAM at OS level. Whilst it consists of many different .exe file tasks, each task can only utilise that first 2GB of available RAM and so they can't use 2GB per task.

Can anybody shed any light on the accuracy of this? I know in practice it certainly doesn't use more thn 2GB, but why doesn't it and why can't it?

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