Domino System Monitoring

Friday 2nd December, 2005
We had a visit from HPQ yesterday to discuss implementation of HP OpenView for enterprise monitoring. I attended to head up the Notes team and discuss how Domino and OV integrated. So what was the account managers first question to me?

Was it:

a) How large is your infrastructure?
b) How many users do you have?
c) On which OS platform do you run Domino?
d) Which version of Domino are you running?
e) Something else...

Answer below:

The actual question he asked was "do you have any plans to migrate to Exchange?".

Now can anybody tell me the relevance of that in this conversation? Clearly he was very familiarised with how well OV integrated with Exchange, he mentioned it 4 or 5 times during his brief presentation, but to ask such a question was hardly a way to an easy sale. Can I run my Notes apps in Outlook now? No. Are they easy to migrate? No chance.

I'm kinda guessing at this point that perhaps Tivoli own this section of the market. Does anybody have any experience of integrating Domino with any enterprise monitoring tools? Would be great to hear from you.'re wondering how I answered his question? Well, with a question of course..."do you have any case studies of where you have implemented OpenView with a Lotus Notes/Domino environment?". Of course he did, but we'll 'take it offline' and he'll follow up later in the week to discuss. I'm looking forward to this!

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