DominoBlog V3 Beta 1

Thursday 6th January, 2005
I've just realised that V3 of DominoBlog (the template I use for this site) is now in Beta.

Among many feature additions this will allow web based editing and updates, a welcome addition for those who don't always have a Notes client handy. I'll be evaluating the beta code on my "test" blog later today and if all is successful I'll throw it onto this Blog.

For further details, please follow the link on the left.

UPDATE: Now using the V3.0.0B1 code on both my blogs. Test blog updated perfectly and webadmin works well. This blog isn't quite working as it should, generating an Unknown OS error during webadmin, but all the previous functionality works well.
FURTHER UPDATE: I fixed the "Unknown OS error" bug and this document was updated from the web. Working well, thanks Steve.

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