Don’t Be pro-active!

Wednesday 10th May, 2006
A few moments I go, I suddenly realised that the User Group logo was missing from the top of this page.

Where had it gone? Well it seemed the image file had been overwritten by the default one from the DominoBlog template...minus the Notes logo.

I hunted around for 10-15mins for a copy of the logo. My Paint Shop pro machine at work, where I'd created the logo, didn't have it. My mailbox, from where I'd forwarded the logo to my home mailbox didn't have a copy. My home machine didn't have a copy. Doh!

A quick hunt around found that the document properties for the current (wrong) logo had a date of 5th April 2006...over a month ago. That would have been the day I applied the updated Dominoblog template...and it's default image...oops.

At this point I loaded Acronis on my server machine. They don't call it DR/Backup/Restore software for nothing. In no less than 90seconds I had restored the .nsf file as was on 4th April 2006 and retrieved the required .jpg file. Now that's what I call superb.

Acronis is imaging software that allows a full drive image to be taken on a live machine. At 3am each night, every night it performs a full backup of my Domino data drive. Not only that, the changes are incremental, it only backs up changes that have occured since the last full backup. I perform backups of date every day, along with every week and every month for OS; all images being stored on my NAS.

In the event of hard disk failure, and I have been there, I can restore the machine to the exact state it was the night before in just 20mins.  Alternatively, I can mount any image file as a drive to explore the contents...just like I did a few minutes ago. Excellent stuff.

It wasn't luck that got that file back, pure pro-activity on my part...when did you last back up?

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