Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

Thursday 14th April, 2005
As some kind of challenge that Alan Bell didn't know he'd set I thought I'd blog about The Ball, my new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I'd owned a Dyson dual-cyclone vacuum for about 8yrs and decided that the old one was coming to the end of it's natural life. I'd had the soleplate off to remove hairs from the roller-bar so many times that the screw threads had worn so...time for a new one!

The Dyson ball is no ordinary upright vacuum cleaner, it turns corners...easily. With a bit of wrist action it turns from my landing into the bedroom and then around the bed. The powerful root cyclone action makes lines all over my carpets now where the old one had stopped doing it. The carpets weren't as worn as I thought, the vacuum was! Just seeing the amount of dust in the bucket after my first room confirmed that the purchase was a good one.

James Dyson still remains a genius in my eyes. The question is, can my blog overtake Alan's listing in Google ;O)

UPDATE: It seems I misunderstood the competition a little and need to mention the phrase Dyson The Ball as otherwise I might not actually get a search hit on Dyson The Ball. Ah well, that should do it.

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